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    雅思考試網 鯉魚小編 更新時間:2019-07-03

    Describe a special day that you went out but didn't spend much money

    You should say:

    What day it was

    Where you went

    What you did

    Who you were with

    范文:花銷不大的一天(you went out but didn't spend much money)


    When it comes to a special day out that didnt cost too much, well, I would like to talk about a trip I had to the Huashan Mountain, which is located in the Hua County, somewhere in the east of Xian.


    I remember it was a summer day before my first semester of college in Xian that I went there for the first time. A military officer who once worked with my father in the army invited our family to have a one-day trip to this world-renowned scenic spot. We got up extremely early in the morning like 5 pm and drove to the foot of the mountain and began climbing. The mountain wasnt like the traditional single peak one, its actually kind of a combination of many. We climbed all four summits at one go. Thats was probably the most energy-consuming activity during that whole year, but its definitely worth it!


    Although we were fully prepared for this trip, it seemed none of us felt so confident about every detail of small scenic spots, because theres quite a lot for you to discover along the way, and we didnt find any single chance of being bored. When we reached the highest southern summit of the mountain, we felt a kind of sense of achievement.


    We all felt this was a really healthy and money-saving trip. Because we just spend no more than 300 RMB for beverages and the entrance tickets during the whole trip. And we got more fitness exercises compared to those who hit the gym with more than 300 RMB membership fees.


    Someone said that its sometimes dangerous to go to those huge mountains, but I have to say that we only live a life for once, why not try it? Basically, its not that risky, right?